Saturday, August 8, 2009

tres tres.

We huddled in the teeny club house near the courts and when Claudia rounded the corner she was greeted with "Surprise!" I have to say, I love surprises. I was so nervous just knowing that she was on her way. A text. "15 minutes." I mean really, WHEN are we ever really surprised in our lives anymore. A surprise is like a coveted, glorious moment.

In the past she has never been surprised. One who always uncovers the secret. Not this time! Rob won massive points as a hubby this week. Not only did he snag a tennis lesson for Claudia, but said lesson came with 20 of her closest friends, two tennis pros running us through drills like it was high school practice, and pizza with cup cakes. And beer. Of course.

I love tennis. Um, and I was a terrible tennis player at Claudia's party. After two solid summers of playing - the first with lessons and the second a steady stream of doubles play with Rob and Claudia - I had reverted back to a time before I'd ever picked up a racket. Which is why I am signing up for Fall lessons. In a world where I enjoy just about any sport and am consistently mediocre at all of them, somehow I find tennis to be the most enjoyable. The most competitive...meaning ample opportunity to taunt. And the most rewarding when I actually have a great shot.

Looking forward to Fall. And Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Claudia. You are the best.

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