Monday, August 17, 2009

No medal for fourth.

We were invited to Olympic Village early this year, and even had the opportunity to weigh in on decisions regarding some of the events, and rules and regulations by the Olympic committee. It was futile however, considering our team's fourth place finish.

Six teams of four competed in six events:

Blindfolded Row Boat to Temptation Island (floating dock) and back - timed.
Air Matress relay.
Football Toss.
Holy Boards
Beer Pong
And most exciting, Flippy Cup (Known as Flip Cup to Minnesotans).

High points:
My belly flop during the row boat event.
Beating the home team - TKB - in Holy Boards.
Taking second in beer pong.
Making it to the championship flippy cup match.

Low Points:
Leaving prelims and heading into tournament play of Holy Boards in first place...only to finish third.
Me choking on a gulp of water while swimming during the air mattress relay.
Our teammate, Vince, throwing the football at a docked boat instead of into the hands of our teammate. Twice in a row. And I'm pretty sure he played college football. Possibly as a QB.
And losing the championship flip cup match.

(High Point)

The fun part was knowing nearly everyone participating in the games this year. In 2008, Tyson and I qualified, but didn't know many of the other Olympians. We still had a great time and therefore, this year was remarkably even more fun.

In a last minute team decision, we decided to bring some wigs in an attempt to plus our uniforms. Who knew they would become a massive hit amongst the athletes! I'm pretty sure everyone wore a wig at some point during the games and well on into the evening. They will now be required for certain off-season training events.

Thanks to Rob and Claude for yet another flawlessly executed Games. And I look forward to hosting our very own tournament for my birthday in October = Cornhole. Yep, bringing a little bit of the Mid-west to the Pacific Northwest!

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