Friday, August 14, 2009


Let's see, Free (suite) tickets to Depeche Mode? Yes. I'll take one. Regardless of the fact that I needed to download a bunch of their songs to actually remember who they are, Tyson was in town and a free show with Rob and Claude would be fun no matter what.

And actually, I know a few more songs that I thought =

Personal Jesus
People are People
Policy of Truth
Enjoy the Silence
Just Can't Get Enough

Songs that sent me swirling back to the days of Cheap Skate and circling round and round trolling for cute boys. The 80's! Check out the star-shaped guitar!

They put on a good show...but didn't play much from the list above. They didn't even play "Personal Jesus" until the SECOND encore. Depeche Mode is a new band in a new era, and have left the 80's behind.

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