Sunday, February 3, 2008

random musings on Frances.

I went to a U13 volleyball tournament yesterday and watched some of my last years' U12 girls playing in the big leagues of a 13 AND 14 tourney. Amongst the U13s they are ranked #2 out of 56 teams. Along with the fun of the game I also got to check in on how school is going, hear who is dating who and chat with all of the parents too.

Here's one reflection:

Lo: Philly's dating Frances now. After I dumped him.
Me: Philly, you took Lo's sloppy seconds?
Philly: yep.
Me: Sweet.

Me to Philly's mom: SOoooo, I heard some gossip. Philly's dating Frances now?
Philly's mom: Yeah, that's a new thing. He's such a nice kid.
Lo's mom: He's the sweetest! We've known him since he was born.
Philly's mom: I don't think they've kissed though. I think he was planning on doing it at a Halloween party but part of his costume was a 'grill' in his mouth, and he didn't want to hurt her. I asked Philly if really she thought he was just too shy to do it. She said she thought so.
Lo's mom: (laughing) Okay, gotta run. Text me the score of the game and who won. Bye!

Oh the joys of first boyfriends and first kisses. And the joys of being a parent watching it all happen.


Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! mary just showed it to me, so funny!!
luv ya A
~phylly (nice job spelling my name!)

andrea said...

AHHHHHHHHH, Phylly! You found the blog, Miss. Thanks for content. Great seeing you girls the other day. I really miss you!

Anonymous said...

we really miss you too!!! you should come to morw of our tourneys!!!

Mary said...

ANDREA! its Mary! i miss you so much you have to come to more of our tourneys lol i luv the whole chat bout Francis.... you should met him lol