Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ladies visit.

Miss Do and Miss Ann made their way westward last weekend. One from MN and the other from NYC...but both from MN at heart. We had the best time! From the moment they stepped off the plane conversation was fast and furious and loaded with wonderful content and laughter.

Friday night we headed out for noodles and dirty martinis with Tim's nephew Demitri. We stayed up WAY too late talking and having just one more beer...

...which made for a difficult early morning. But we managed to pull ourselves together and head up to Steven's Pass. Gorgeous, sunny and warm = bad snow but good times outside. Doreen nailed it for her third time snowboarding!

Sushi. Yummi. Sapporo.

And a Sunday together seeing the sites of Seattle. Neighborhoods, boutiques, views and then disturbing a homeless man who was sleeping. Whoops!

It was so fab having these women visit! They are two people I haven't seen much since I moved and yet somehow we continue to be close and our friendships are easy. This seems to be a growing trend in my life. Great people around me who will always be great, no matter what. Very lucky. Very happy.

Now move to the west coast!


la said...

supers cute twinsies you and Dor...

Doreen H said...

I think you need to bottle Seattle's water and ship it east in mass. My hair's never looked so good. And had Ann showered...she would agree.

SFF (Supes Friends Forever)!