Thursday, January 31, 2008

do people really pee their pants from laughing?

I don't even know where to start. Or even where it all started. I mean, I met some pretty sweet people when I worked for Publicis here in Seattle but, it all sort of felt temporary and part of the experience. Where was my life going? Since I purchased my condo nearly four months ago to the day, I've been increasingly grateful for my little Seattle world. ...And really, for all things Andrea. I just returned home from my friend Josh's birthday outing. Once again I felt myself laughing - out loud with my gigantic obnoxious laugh - countless times. The month of January has been one of continuous laughter. From Lisa's posts to our Whistler trip to our girls' night the other night to the mixture of all of my friends from different worlds getting to know each other and exchanging stories. I don't know how its even possible that I have so many amazing friends and family in my life. My CSB girlfriends who are spread from here to MN to NYC are planning a trip, sans some babies, that will bring us all together for the first time since gathering for Mitch's wedding in July. My friends Doreen and Ann are flying in from MN and NYC also to go skiing and spend a weekend here in Seattle. Just last weekend Beth came up from Portland for some quality wine and banter. I spoke to both Jora and Kes this week and laughed so hard I thought my body was going to burst. Even Art's sweet annual phone call on his way to the OC open last weekend made my eyes sparkle. I feel such a connection to so many people in so many different ways that sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am. I'm across the country from where I spent 26.5 years of my 29 so far and my heart just bursts with gracious love and genuine laughter.

How is it possible I've landed here. Not just here in the literal sense, but here in who I have become. I grew up with great friends and amazingly supportive parents. I attended college and lived the dream for four years cultivating relationships I'm certain will last my lifetime. I've worked and moved and met even more people who have enriched my life in ways I could never, ever have dreamed of. Basically, in my two IPA consumption state, I'm a very happy camper. I'm so happy I think I understand the term, "i could burst". And though I know we will all experience Ups and Downs, its the Downs that truly make us understand and appreciate the Ups.

I'm very Up. Its fantastic!


suzie said...

what a great post.. So happy to hear you are in such a happy place.. wish that place didn't happen to be all the way across the country from me though!! (:

la said...

THanks for agreeing with me, I am funny! and I'm glad there's people like you to appreciate it/me. what? Shoes.