Friday, February 22, 2008

Aspen: Visiting

I arrived in Aspen late Thursday night after circling the airport for nearly an hour, heading back to Denver, and then luckily getting on a later flight as a stand-by passenger. You can only imagine the raging affluent families where every child is in Ugg boots ...even the ones who aren't old enough to walk yet. I was glad I was a solo passenger. My friend Lisa was not so lucky. She got on a flight that took off an hour after mine did, circled and alas she did not make it. After renting a car with two middle-aged republicans from the East coast, Lisa finally arrived in Aspen a little after 4am.

Friday brought blue skies and beautiful snowy streets.

After picking up some of the guys in our party, we headed over to the Sky hotel - where the Jeremy Piven/Kevin Connelly sighting happened last year. Tyson works there as a bellman in the winter and Lisa knew most of the waitresses as she was one herself last year = hookups on nearly all of our drinks.

Tyson had been working and therefore turned into our sober driver. To the Ryan house we headed. It was so good to see Tim! We spent the weekend making and eating meals together, consuming Keystone, white russians, and microbrews and lots of riding. Thanks to the Ryan's for their amazing hospitality and for opening their home to us. It was an incredible weekend, with great company and an pretty cool space for sleeping too.

Love that Lisa was in Aspen too!

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janna said...

so jealous. glad you didn't see jeremy piven without me! ;)