Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ms. B made the trip up from Portland to Seattle on Saturday. She rolled in and phoned me to say she was outside. I hadn't seen Beth since summer and my trip down to Portland. We have one of those friendships where I firmly believe we could not talk or see each other for an entire year, and the moment we saw each other we'd pick right up where we'd last left off. And when I went outside to greet her, we did just that. No hesitation. No awkwardness. Just great friends. Starting with a great lunch + cupcake at Volunteer Park Cafe; we had so much fun talking, laughing and catching up.

In total we: looked at pictures. made dinner. drank wine. walked her wiener dog, max. watched Paris. Je Taime. had coffee and crepes with my great friend, Lisa. shopped...bought the same coat. and finally, hugged.

Love ya, B! Thanks for the visit. You are quite the fantastic nugget of good stuff.


Katy said...

wowy! ode to bethie, love it. b let me know that one of her goals with you was to start her own blogness?? i even heard the super secret name of hers! it sounds like y'all were up to so much fun that maybe you guys didn't get to it? luvs, kt

la said...

lisa looks like she needs sleep--er maybe lay off the booze a bit--puffy eyes and a fat face is not attractive. Bebo however looks great! amazing BW pic--where was that photographer?

bbo said...

you made a lovely hostess and an even better lay. Until I kicked you off the bed sleeping diagnally. Love that Buckles man...she gets me hot. Haven't written on my el blogo yet, but hope to get to it before I croke. So much love for my 'lil lady, Fran. mmmmwah!