Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whistler round two.

Last year I tagged along with Haley and Josh for their trip to Whistler with Bess and Josh. I knew the weekend would be fun, but who could've predicted it would ignite a great Seattle friendship that would carry into 2008 and a whole new trip to Whistler.

Eleven people in three cars headed north for Canada on Friday. Not everyone knew each other. I knew them. Some coworkers. Some non-coworkers. Friends of friends. And a man from Aspen. I was nervous as the organizer, but once everyone arrived at the condo and the beers were cracked, laughter began. And didn't stop all weekend.

We road/skied all day Saturday. I was able to board with most everyone and was having a great day until I flew off a four foot drop and somersaulted. Luckily there was no pain or injury! -just a bit of fear until the sky cleared and visibility increased. The plan was to meet for Apre´Ski in the village = beers. There is nothing more satisfying than beers after skiing or snowboarding.

Then we headed back to the condo for chili, cornbread and tortellini. Some hot tub. And of course the always ALWAYS fun, Apples to Apples. And a few more beers. Josh and I reasoned in the hot tub as we looked up at the stars and out at the snow, that really, we had absolutely nothing to complain about. And it was true. What a great day.

Sunday some of us went back out to the slopes despite the 4 degree temperature. Then we headed back to Seattle and ended the trip with a great dinner at the Boundary Bay Brewery. I feel so lucky to have such a great group of people around me here in Seattle. If I'm going to be away from family and friends in MN, I couldn't ask for a better circle.


tyson said...

i had so much fun A! thanks for the organization. thanks for the three trips to the airport. thanks for being you. and thanks for visiting lisa in aspen nearly a year ago! miss you

janna said...

SO FUN! Thanks for PM'ing a great trip :) love ya!

the daily la la said...

i want to get a disc of all your pictures:::and I wanna borrow that fucking top!