Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Many MN visits::::

Liquid lunch with Ann (very appropriate). Good times. Many laughs. And always great conversation. Miss her.

"Fancy" Manny's dinner with Tim. I told the host I was having dinner with Tim Alevizos. "Right this way." and I was whisked to a quiet table in the back of the restaurant. Note: His picture is on the wall just to the left of his head. He was very proud of that. He is sooooo fancy. And when the server brought us our check he told us the Total bill was on one side, and the Revised bill was on the other. $0.00. Comped. Have I mentioned how fancy Tim is? (Wink, Tim. Love you)

Wine with friends at Pete and Emily's. {notice the grey teeth}
I really miss seeing them and I'm so glad we're still friends despite the distance and circumstances. I hope I'm always in their lives. Thanks for all the love and support! Can't wait for the call when Angie pops!

And lovely, lovely Kate Z. A two hour chat with Kate passes in what seems like five minutes. She is so awesome.

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