Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5th Annual CSB Thanksgiving

After graduating from the College of St. Benedict, I think my girlfriends and I looked for any opportunity to get together. In 2002 that reason was Turkey. We decided to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday that year and I don't think any of us knew it would turn into a tradition and one of our most favorite gatherings together.

In its fifth year the turkey gets better, the place settings fancier, a baby in tow and another on the way, and even Guitar Hero.

{please watch this. hilarious}

Luckily in my absence I've only missed one. Thanks ladies. I'm so glad you're all in my life even though I live so far away!


suzie said...

as always, all of you ladies look as beautiful as ever... I hate that me missing the annual tday dinner is becoming a tradition.. Next year I WILL be there!!!

suzie xo

bess said...

looks like so much fun! but we miss you in seattle... :)

tyson said...

aspen misses you as well. great group of friends you have A.