Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello to the 6 people I believe to be regular readers of my blog. I've been told (pete) that the name of my blog simply must change.



the daily la la said...

i read, i look! im number 6, i like the title. tell pete to get his own blog...what is he a copywriter now?

Winophiles said...

As a matter of fact I maintain (poorly) our wine club blog. Worse than a copywriter, I am an attorney.

All I am saying is "exploratory::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::" seems too much like the brand name of a fleece jacket you find on the sale rack at REI. Plus, the excessive colons need to be deleted. And, you must have an inkling to change the name - hence the post.

How about something more Fran-like, such as "Journeylicious"; "Thoughts, mountain hikes and new discoveries".

I will keep working on this.


Katy said...

huh. i agree with the la la. i love this title, and not to disrespect pete but i am a huge fan of the excessive use of colons. i use them often. i think it has been so fun to watch people get a little more creative with punctuation. you are just fancy free wonderful fran. luv, katy

Josh said...

I'm not sure why Pete is so interested in you clearing your Colon(s)?

Exploratory, I like it.

Sally said...

I like it, too!

you could always just insert a new verb each day...





or.... on and on and on.

jhoran403 said...

I am a long time reader first time poster; I love the material, always fresh and witty...offering insights into the fragility of the human psyche...really moving stuff. I dig it.

as for the name...what's in a name? I mean really? I'm looking for something beyond a witty catch phrase and you my dear lady have done it, your blog is a masterstroke of literary genius; seamlessly blending events from your life into a tableau that the casual reader can pull nuggets of wisdom from and apply them to their own lives.