Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cool People.

I've been sporadically working with furniture designer and maker Andy Whitcomb as an apprentice, though apprentice feels so fancy to say so let's just call it I help him and in turn I get to learn a few things along the way. If I'm honest, in the evening after work while I sit in traffic en route to Andy's studio I usually ask myself, "Why am I doing this again? This whole traffic mess is hell and I've worked all day and really I just want to go home." I arrive frustrated and in the mindset that this will likely be my last time as I just don't see the point or understand what my goal is for this process. 

And then we make cool shit and have the best banter and I leave to go home feeling energized and creatively fulfilled. Kinda like on Tuesday when we made these lamps (not yet wired) below. That's right, we started looking through bins of junk and scrap and brainstormed to ultimately make these beauties. And it was awesome. 
Andy also opened my world to coolness that is his friend, this gal/company: Geronimo! I find it fascinating that people can just have a dream, let's say delivering GIANT balloons in LA, and just make it happen. Just make it happen! This gal in particular seems to enjoy her days creating and delivering, and then brings joy to others in their days when she pops by with a beautiful floating orb. So that's a pretty cool concept. So much so that she has some pretty exciting news on the horizon that I'm not sure that I should share, but it involves Andy's furniture in her studio...and a photoshoot for Martha Stewart Magazine. Whoa, mamasita.

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