Monday, May 7, 2012

G'bye, Winter ////// Hello, Spring.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So yep officially its been spring for a while. But out here in the PNW, where it doesn't stop raining until July, the ski/snowboard season is loooooooooonger than your body's natural inclination. The mountain snow season extends late into spring and in fact spring skiing is one of my favorite things on this earth. Sunny and warm. An incredibly relaxed atmosphere - one that is typically marked with a few REST (new word) in the lodge for libations. The anxious energy one may feel to get in as many runs as possible that typically marks the beginning of the season falls away to endless hours of what can only be described as, "Sure, whatever." 

+ Should we go in, grab a beer and sit outside in the sun? Sure, whatever.  
+ Should we get in another run? Sure, whatever.
+ Should we leave a little early? Sure, whatever. 

We left behind the lush greenery and mossy-covered trees and headed for Mt. Baker on Saturday afternoon. After some pizza and beer at Chair 9 - what has become the "happening" place for the locals in the area - we pulled off on a forest service road and tucked in for the night. The Volvo wagon affords us the luxury of an instant bed, though not the most comfy accommodations. But we can make it fun with some brews and a game of cribbage.

When we arrived at Mt Baker ski area the next day, it was raining. Booooo. But the Sure, Whatever mindset was helpful in that we popped inside and sipped a cup of coffee just to see what the weather would do. Sure enough, the rain burned off and unveiled a STELLAR sunny spring day of boarding. 

Mt. Shuksan was in full glory off in the distance

 Spectacular day, with an even better guy. 

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