Sunday, April 22, 2012


+ Weeks have been rainy as all get out; weekends have been drenched in sun - though sunny and hot are two very different complaints here
+ Work has been super duper fun
+ Our house has stayed remarkably and consistently clean, which, makes me happy inside
+ Tyson finished prepping our deck for summer and sipping cocktails in the evenings, next up: planting in our planters
+ Tyson and I have been super flirty nerdy lately and overall spending a ton of time together. We were walking around the neighborhood the other day and I said, "Tyson, I love hanging out with you. Do you realize that we hang out together SO much, and its so fun." and he said, "Totally. Its pretty awesome." Its been almost eight months since we were married! Where did the time go?
+ We are learning how to sail through Seattle's Center for Wooden Boats. Its not easy and it makes me nervous but there is nothing more fun that being out on the water.

As winter's grip loosens, I find myself lighter. Grateful. Open. We've put together our summer calendar and when I stand back and look at it I can't help but smile. So many fun times on the horizon including a best friend's wedding and her pre-wedding bachelorette gathering in MN, backpacking, biking, sailing and our most recent booking scheduled for November: Vietnam and Cambodia. Life is pretty great, and I want to know that and realize that every day.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend! More posts this week. I'm feeling some words tug at the corners of my brain. 

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