Sunday, April 15, 2012

The latest.

Been working on various projects lately, most notably our new dining room table. I've been told we have one more solid work day left and I can bring her home. Yee haw! Our last working session involved heaps of sanding, glueing and a growler of beer. 

Been working with Andy too and I find it fascinating the difference in technique of these furniture designers. Jon is a perfectionist and a true woodworker who makes beautiful traditional furniture. His measurements are flawless and his finish always uniform. Andy likes to see what stuff he can find around town and make something out of it. With a combination of welding, spray paint, various saws and of course a detailed sketch he creates brilliant pieces of furniture.
Its been really fun to learn about building with wood. I'm not really sure where this whole "hobby" of mine will go, but I am trying to just roll with it and not always feel like I need to plan something around whatever I'm doing. I just enjoy it and I guess for now that will have to do. 

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