Thursday, December 8, 2011

'tis the season

Tree getting' <<<<<<<{
(****Our quest into the forest was thwarted this year on account of waist-deep snow and low morale for the two-mile hike. There and back. Oh, and I didn't have snowshoes. Alas, a tree farm it was. At least we chopped it. That tree smells so darn good.)

Lemon zest in the cookies. Painted like Santa Clause. 


suzie sanborn said...

don't feel bad. we got our tree at home depot (: and where did you get that shirt!? I need one!!

andrea said...

Actually, Jora sent it to me in the mail a couple of years back. She works for the Xcel Energy center and I actually think they had them made for Fergie as a gift during one of her shows! In any case, I find that no one here on the West coast has ever heard the phrase, "MN Nice" which leads me to believe that only Minnesotan's know this phrase! Ha!