Friday, December 9, 2011


Its Friday! Wham! Pow!
Let's see, pretty productive week in terms of 8-5 job type things. I'm actually driving in to work today vs. taking the vanpool (commuter van where multiple people ride together), which, literally feels like such a luxury. Seat heaters and my own music! Damn!

No big plans for the weekend. Must try to leverage the productive-ness of the work week into the weekend. Hoping to pop by ReStore as my husband said he saw heaps of wood options for my table. Might try and run around Lake Union in an effort to stop the inevitable lbs. after the candy consumption of this week. I ordered nordic skis, so maybe I'll see if I remember how to use them from that 9th grade gym class where I last did it. Other than that, its all chill baby chill. Off to Portland next weekend to visit the delightful BB.

I hope ya'll have great weekends!

Here is a killer space that I will pine over for quite some time (minus those stools, not into them).  Pine over, was that a weak attempt at a woodsy rustic pun? I hope not.

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bess said...

Oooh, let me know if you jog the lake... AND. Love the new banner!