Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Lately we've been making a lot of things and its awesome. I wish I had, perhaps, more than the 600 square feet I currently live in right now. Ideally a big workroom complete with various saws and drills and clamps and maybe even a welding device. I don't know how to weld. Yet. Maybe my Papa will teach me.

Last weekend we made a bedside light, which, I actually couldn't believe how simple and fun it was to make. A socket, some lamp wire and a plug-in device. Strip the wire and connect both ends. Then mix in whatever item you'd like to affix the socket to and BOOM you have a light.

I've also been deep in the thinking phase of my table. This is the phase before actually doing anything.
 And I just came across this incredible store located in Denver where the childhood friends who own/make things for it are actually living the dream for which I dream about living sometimes = a couple of folks with no formal training who build and sell furniture. They actually feature a table similar in style to the one I am planning to build = thick slabs of reclaimed pieces for the top (ReStore). Actually, I think it would be cool to replace one of the slabs with a random strip of chevron-shaped pieces of wood in various shades of stain. And maybe a neon base? Yes, please.

How cool is this dresser!? With its bright blue insides!

Basically its cold and dark outside and I wish I could hole up in a studio, listen to great music, and make stuff. Because making things = fun times. And then maybe design and build our house. To put all the furniture in. Except that I already have the design sitting there up in my head. Just wish I could fund it and then build it and then live in it. 

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deb&greg said...

the shop is open and the teacher is ready to teach!