Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As wedding planning continues, I'm happy to report we have one more thing to check off the list. And the biggest thing in my book: Photographer. I must say, this process was a slightly dramatic one on my part. Wedding guides say to do your research, narrow things down, and then meet with your top THREE before making a decision. Any more than three, the magazine said, is just a waste of valuable time.

I started my search by combing the wedding blog sites where I trusted their design taste. Most include a list of vendors they like or recommend. I was shocked pretty early when I became overwhelmed with photographers I liked. At any given moment I could be found with 8 or 10 tabs open in my browser window and I'd page through them until I couldn't remember who I was even looking at anymore.

Pretty early on one of my favorites was booked. This sent me into a bit of a panic that soon all would be booked and we'd be left with nothing. Not likely, but hey, at least I'm honest.

Pretty early on too we had met our quota of three meet-and-greets and yet I was still feeling like I could not decide. All three of the people we met with were great. Awesome in fact. The last couple we considered asking if they wanted to hang out this weekend - THEY rocked.

I think at the end of the day I really wanted to go with something different and fun. Hence,

A husband and wife team, one shoots with film, vintage cameras and homemade lenses and the other shoots with digital. Two different perspectives from two different shooting styles/types. I'm pretty psyched. It was a bit of a splurge which I am still waking up at night thinking about, but the deed is done. And its going to be fantastic!

Looking forward to the big day!

You can check out some of the photography here too:
Film Work:

Homemade Lenses:

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