Saturday, February 5, 2011


Last weekend we were able to get out of town on account of those aforementioned wheels. It is so great getting out of town on the weekends because in my opinion, it makes the weekend feel incredibly long. Nine of us rolled in on Friday night eager to crack open a brew and relax by the fireplace. We played an intense game of Apples to Apples and then it was time to get some shuteye before a big day on the slopes.

Unfortunately, the weather did not want to cooperate. Conditions were snowy/rainy at best and for most of the day visibility was pretty poor. If it hadn't been our first day out of the season we probably would have been pretty bummed, but the very fact we were out in the mountains made it great.

Getting back to the cabin my body felt like it had been bludgeoned. I was so sore, and Claudia knew that the best medicine would be one of her famous bloody mary's and a soak in the hot tub. Like a scene out of Groundhog's Day we slugged around the cabin until it was time to play another game of Apples to Apples. Ahhh, good times with good people at a cabin. Truly, one of my very favorite things to do in this world. There's just something fun about everyone being together in a house, spending the day outside on the mountain, and then coming back to relax and eat dinner together that just rocks.

Sunday the conditions were nearly perfect. Sunny. Blue birdy. Buckley got all crazy on the jumps:

And then later in the day the guys decided to hike up and do some backcountry.

Bucks and I made the most of it just crushing the slopes. :) Crushing is my new favorite word since the trip. I stole it.

Just a good weekend, really. Goodness all around. Not sure when we'll be up and boarding again considering the weather has been crazy NOT good. All the mid-westerners are getting the good white stuff!

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