Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer + Rooftop.

Doreen is visiting from NYC. The tempuratures have floated around 78-80 and the cloudness blue in the sky goes on for miles and miles and miles. We've been biking. We biked over to the lake so that we could then hop on a paddle board and scoop through the water to and fro. We biked to Pike's market to sit at the Pink Door and enjoy an afternoon cheese board and some crisp drinks. We biked over to Ballard to enjoy a sub sandwich to the tune of "Heaven isn't too far awayyyyyy!" by Warrant playing in our heads because it tasted SO GOOD.

And last night a few of us gathered on the roof to eat pizza, sip some tall boys and watch the sun set over the city and Puget Sound. So much goodness.

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