Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As I sit here, oddly unmotivated at work, I dream of some day owning a house of the likes below, found while perusing NYtimes.com. Realizing that it IS a chicken before the egg scenario, meaning I do need to have a job AND THEN acquire the nest, I begin to feel a little more motivated. But in a different way, I suppose.

I know that the first few months in any new professional role are taxing both emotionally and mentally. Trying to fit in. Attempting to prove myself. Staying productive. Always learning. So with those things in mind, I'm trying to just stay open and positive. To take what comes in this first six months or a year and to do the best I can. Easier said than done, of course.

But even as I've made baby steps in the overarching "plan for my life" in moving on from the advertising world to working for someone I truly care about and am invested in emotionally, I still find myself searching and asking questions about what it is that I really want to be doing. You see, this is a question that has totally plagued my life and one that I'm not certain there is an answer for. What is my professional plan? What are the milestones and the things I want to try while spending time on this earth. Alas, I will continue to search and ask these questions. It makes life interesting, right?! And in the meantime I'll fill up my free, non-work hours with things I am currently spazzing about:

+ Baritone Ukelele lessons - starting in September!

+ Searching and searching for an Old Lady chair to learn how to reupholster with my mother when she and my Poppy come into town in September.

+ And last but not least, totally obsessing about redecorating my house. THIS is an endeavor. I scour craigslist and design blogs respectively, looking for the perfect piece, the perfect rug, the best deal, and the newest project. As I attempt daily to narrow my focus on a particular style, I find myself coming back to this idea of white walls + pops of color (statement stolen from papernstitch blog...of which I also stole from Erin). This is an avenue I think I'm most comfy in and I find its easier to mold and adapt with changing moods and seasons. Bonus. So yeah, I'm completely devoted to this overhaul and its been consuming my thoughts on a daily basis.

One place I LOVE to go to for design inspiration is Living,etc magazine, who also have an incredible site chock full of galleries for paging through and getting ideas.

Applying the white walls + pops of color guidelines (minus the black walls below), here's a few from all over that I've been coveting:

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