Friday, July 2, 2010

Self control.

I made a promise that I would not buy any new clothes all summer. I have, in fact, lots of clothes. And not even enough days to really WEAR all the clothes, especially considering we never really get summer in Seattle.

So, oopsie.

On my way home through downtown yesterday I decided to just pop into JCrew. I only wanted to SEE what they had. Well, what they had was a giant sale with everything marked WAY down and even a “take 20% off in addition to all sale prices” printed on a little, orange sign taunting me. Also in fine print was the mention that anything bought on-sale was a final purchase. Gee. What to do.

In the end I did buy some really cute things. They were incredibly cheap and I’m tickled pink with happiness and excitement over these new pieces. But, this does not excuse me from breaking my oath! Ugh, I could just punch myself!

So in an effort – much like the previously posted To Do wishlist – to hold myself accountable, I am putting the list of things I REALLY WANT TO BUY so that I know when I come across something I want I can consult the list. Is it there? Is it ON the list? No? Well, then there’s your answer. No, you cannot buy it.

+ A map or maps, framed. Preferably of MN, or a world map.
+ A new rug.
+ Nightstands – however, this may be checked off later this summer as Tyson has acquired two large tree rounds. Perfection.
+ A credenza.
+ A new table top – preferably made out of an old door for which I’m hoping to find at ReStore in Ballard.
+ Possibly some chalk paint to turn a kitchen wall into a chalkboard for notes!
+ Eames fiberglass shell chairs for the dining table.
+ Hanging lamp for over the dining table. Preferably vintage.
+ A burl clock.
+ Need to frame my bike print that was gifted to me from lovely Tyson for my birthday. Gold leaf, gaudy style.

From REI:
+ Items to outfit my bike for touring! Panniers + pedals and shoes
+ A new puffy down jacket,…that actually fits me. Patagonia, perhaps?
+ Car-camping gear = camp chairs, plates, a lantern and a new coffee making set-up.
+ Snowboard bindings.
+ Snowboard boots? We’ll see.
+ Running socks.

See? This is why I should not and cannot buy clothing.

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Erin said...

oh, you are brave to restrict yourself to this list (even though it is a fabulous list and I want to steal it). but I feel you. it took every ounce of self-control in me to skip out on the horseshoe sale this evening. ugh! now I'm regretting it.