Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My mama was in town visiting for eight days last week+. We really had a good time. The I picked her up on a Thursday night and we immediately headed out on the town for red wine and Via Tribunali pizza. We gabbed and we gabbed and it was just so great to sit and catch up like two little chirping birdies.

Unfortunately somehow - and I really have no idea how its possible that I didn't snap 100 photos - I didn't take very many pictures! A small sampling below.

Mama was VERY productive! Over the course of her visit we were able to tackle: Painting the entire condo, finishing the tile backsplash, hanging some photos, combing Re-Store for light fixtures, cleaning out my closet and getting things to Goodwill, consuming wine on a daily basis (yum), finishing a puzzle and creating the perfect lasagna.

And what was really fun was when Tyson joined us after moving back to Seattle after his summer on the Olympic Peninsula came to an end. The three of us were like a dream team. We made each other laugh. We had fun conversations. I really felt that we all had a good time together. And it was comfy and not forced. And I loved it.

At one point we called Kesney while in the car driving, and within seconds we were all laughing. Kesney immediately expressed how much she wished she was with us, riding in the back seat, laughing along. My mom has such a great spirit. She's fresh and she's open. People who meet her, love her. I had so much fun during her visit, and I was really sad to see her go. I know, surprising considering EIGHT days really is a long time for anyone to visit. But I think her visit was just easy. Easy for me. Easy for Tyson. Easy. And Fun. Hmm, I guess I have one of those fun moms. And though it may have taken me a few years to figure that out, I really am so happy she's my mama.

Thanks for the visit, lovely Debbie! Looking forward to the holiday!

Oh and Tyson is really into baking bread. Its not only delicious, but very cute. Here is a yummy ricotta fennel skillet bread. And last night a loaf of wheat came out of the oven piping hot. Have I mentioned I love him?


Jamieofalltrades said...

Fresh baked bread, a puzzle and wine - sounds like my dream night.
i love the recaps of your mom and granny visiting. So fun to have people in town!

Kate said...

It is awfully cute having a baking boy in the house, isn't it? Congrats on the leap towards moving in with each other. I do love your mom (she was my surrogate as my mom lives in Texas, and is also quite fun to hang out with). Do we get any pictures of you in your new awesome glasses?