Monday, November 2, 2009


The sweetest grandma of all time so graciously made the journey west to visit me a few weekends ago. Lucky me! Though her trip was cut short on BOTH ends - secret hatred for the airlines - we managed to make the most of our time, and have a blast catching up and connecting.

Let's see, hours and hours of brunch + coffee...

a stop in to Volunteer Park and their Conservatory...

and to the market to pick up fresh seafood for dinner.

Grandma P also had a chance to spend some time with my sweet Tyson. Being the bakers they both are, they made bread together, and she passed on some fabulous tips! We are both looking so forward to staying with her on Christmas Eve and hopefully stealing some secrets on her famous cinnamon rolls.

So much of Grandma P makes me happy and proud to know her. She is so sweet, and such a wonderfully caring and supportive person. She is insightful, and helps me see things from different perspectives. She's open and honest and I appreciate her so much!

Grams is also a savvy text messager:

As she waited in the airport for her flight to Seattle:
Me: "Gram, I love that you text!"
Grams: "Is it not marvelous?"

After she arrived back in Minneapolis:
"Good flight! Good sleep! Great memories of Seattle! Tyson is a keeper - has a good heart. Love both of you! -Gram"

Lastly, Grandma P was convinced that no "old people" live in Seattle. No "gray hairs". And days after she left when I happened to see a gray-haired woman at the coffee shop in my building I immediately notified her of the sighting. Her response, "No way, just sea salt showing up as her hair dries after the weekend monsoon!"

Umm, adorable.
Love her.

Thanks for visiting, Gram! See you soon!

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Katy said...

beautiful, beautiful.

lovely bond you and your grams have fran. what a couple of wonderful beauties.