Friday, July 24, 2009


I hadn't seen my friend Neil in nearly 3 years and through the miracle that is Facebook he reached out to say hello last week. Turns out he was living on a houseboat on Lake Union and wanted to extend an invitation for paddling and grilling. Um, great. Last Friday Caitlin and I saddled up and biked over with PBR and chups in hand. I say "chups" because people from New Zealand pronounce "chips" like "chups" and its all fun and hilarious. And ironically not only is Caitlin moving to New Zealand in late August, but so too is Neil moving there as early as October. Dare I say, crazy.

We sipped some brews and Neil taught us how to stand-up paddle board. His parents were also in town from MN so it was fun to check in with my roots and swap stories of the mid-west.

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