Monday, October 27, 2008

Oyster Frenzy.

Last Saturday, Flying Fish hosted an event called Oyster Frenzy, where several local oyster farms set up shop and shuck as many oysters as you can eat.

They were offered both fresh - straight from the sea - and also in a soup, fried and as Oysters Rockefeller. After digging a little bit about the history of Oysters Rockefeller, I learned the original creator of the recipe, Antoine Alchiatore (1840), never actually shared his recipe with anyone. Because of the success of his dish, restaurants started serving knock-off versions based on their own formulation of the recipe. Therefore, any version of the recipe that exists today is only an assumption of the original. Well, that was just fine with me considering of the 20-25 oysters I ate on Saturday, about 12 of them were Oysters Rockefeller. Yum.

What I found most interesting was the pretty distinct variance in taste of the fresh oysters based on the farm and where they actually came from. Literally, one could be totally delicious and I would smile a lot and rub my belly. And then I would try another from a different farm and not be impressed at all. In fact, a little grossed out at times. Overall it was really fun and I ate until I couldn't fit anymore of those slimy oysters. Sometimes its good to be on the coast.

I went with Aylin and Steve and even though we were initially incredibly overwhelmed by the attendance, after a glass of wine and some time to fill our (first) plates, we were happy as clams. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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La with an is said...

how come i never get to go on these field trips? how can i get invited? and who do i have to bring coffee and donuts to?