Monday, October 6, 2008

Girlies and Bikes.

I realize that women relationships can be complicated or difficult, but I feel like my relationships with girlfriends - maybe because I don't have any sisters - are incredibly important to me. More recently, my female relationships here in Seattle have been shifting a little, and I find myself missing my MN ladies more than ever. While I was home for my dad's 60th birthday party, I was grateful to be scooped up from the airport by Haley, taken to Figlio's and joined by Kridi and Jora. We sat there for the entire evening chirping like little birdies and laughing. Then, remembering the good old days of Lotti Hall and St. Bens, Haley and I dug her bikes out around 11pm and went "night riding" around Lake Calhoun. Ahh, I miss that.

More recently, my girlfriend Claudia invited me out for an evening with her visiting girlfriend, Carrie, from NYC. Grateful for the invite, I biked from my condo down to the Pink Door in Pike's Market to meet them. It felt great to just laugh and hear stories and sip Prosecco the bubbling, delicious wonder.

Every time I read other peoples' blogs I think to myself, "My next post will be witty and light." but alas, I always come back to thoughts and ramblings. I guess its just whatever is going on in my brain or the recent experiences I've had. And recently I've just been missing that girl time. I miss having really good girlfriends to call at any time and to sit with ease and just be myself.

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hales02 said...

love you, and oh- nice shot of my ghetto bootay