Friday, November 7, 2008

okay people, time to use your imaginations

SO, its not for a lack of events. Hell, in the last week we've elected a new (awesome) President! Unfortunately, in a whirlwind of giant spider-like crabs and eels at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, I've somehow misplaced my camera. And this happened to take place JUST before the event of Kesney's fantastic wedding. Sadness. I do have photos taken by Jora and will post very soon. I've just been mourning the loss of my camera, ordering a new one...oh and celebrating our new President! Obama!

Monday night Tyson and I were invited to a concert at the Showbox. Tom Morello, the intensely political guitarist from Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, was playing in his now solo project called Nightwatchman.

One reviewer wrote:
The Nightwatchman is not for mass appeal: The songs are written to rally people on picket lines and at protests. "One criticism that could credibly be leveled against the record is that it's preaching to the converted," Morello said before the show. "Well, the converted need a kick. Those of us that know better are not doing enough. Aside from [Rep. Dennis] Kucinich, and he's still several shades to the right of me, I don't think anybody has courageously stepped up and said what needs to be said. We have a war criminal sitting in the White House. That's not hyperbole."

At one point he invited any and all veterens in the audience to join him on-stage and he ended the show with a guitar laden, hip-hop-style version of "This Land Is Your Land". Everyone was jumping and singing! Yep, the night before the election. Good stuff.

Tuesday night we headed over to Aylin and Stevie's for a little left-of-center celebration as Barack Obama was elected President. I even called my Grandma who was of course still awake and eagerly waiting for the results. The room cheered into the phone for my Grandma! She is such and inspiration and a bright light in my life! Great food and champagne, and many cheers of joy as John McCain gave his incredible concession speech. I was moved to a few tears.

A former campaign manager for John McCain said it best when he explained that HE truly felt John McCain would've been a great President for this country. That he made a few mistakes along the campaign trail and his choice in a Vice President and his lack of a clear message cost him the election. But everyone in this country, no matter what side you were on, should be incredibly proud of the fact that we have made history in electing an African American to be President of the United States. And even he felt that Barack is a man with great integrity and will be a good President. I agree.

Stay tuned for all things sans camera.

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gorgeous post, even sans pics.