Saturday, October 25, 2008


The qualities of living in the country are definitely tempting: peaceful, relaxed, space to grow things, ...and I guess, well, Space. Sometimes I can't help but wonder when and if I'll find myself with those things called acres. However, this week in particular my deep love and appreciation for an urban lifestyle proved itself time and time again. You see, I needed some shoes fixed and I needed to go to the bank and then I was hungry. The door closed behind me and in literally two blocks I stopped at the Cobbler, made a deposit and popped into the grocery store. The following day when I picked up my shoes I realized how damn cute the elder Cobbler was that I decided to drop off another pair. So fun patronizing your neighbors! On any given day I'm within a few blocks of my favorite coffee shop -and about sixteen others that are fine but not my favorite -the library, a movie theater, countless restaurants and pubs, a bookstore, boutiques, a farmer's market, a grocery store and a pharmacy. Last night I put one foot in front of the other over to a neighborhood pub to meet friends. Today I walked all the way downtown to attend an Oyster Frenzy event (see post to come) and even though it took nearly 25 minutes the sun was shining and the air was warm. I love being able to do so many things without having to get into my car. Without trying to find a parking spot. Without stopping to fill up on fuel. Yes it helps the environment, but more so, it helps my soul. I love my city. I love my neighborhood. And I love my Cobbler!

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suzie said...

ahhhhh... you are making me miss my city. nyc. have to say, the word Cobbler makes me laugh.