Thursday, September 25, 2008


A few weeks back Tyson and had no idea what we had signed ourselves up for. We entered into a table tennis tourney thinking it was likely there'd be some great players, but also average players like us. Nope. Number 5 in the state was there. Number 10 in the state was there. And overall I think Tyson and I each won one game (note: not a match, a game) over the course of the four-hour event. You see, in the "real world", I would consider us to be pretty good table tennis players. We both play a lot and really enjoy it. But there, under the fluorescent gym lights, the sound of balls hitting tables all around us, we were the bottom of the barrel. We had a blast though and met some really good players.

We'll be back for less intense $2 Tuesdays where people just play and prize money isn't at stake.

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