Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lauren visits from Aspen.

A few weekends ago Tyson's friend, Lauren, visited here from Aspen. She had never been to Seattle, but expressed a long-time love and curiousity even as a high school student when she purchased a bag from Eddie Bauer with a picture of Seattle on it. Lucky for Tyson and I, she had more Seattle hook-ups than us!

Her cousin, Adam, lives here also. Adam has both an aunt and uncle with a houseboat on Lake Union as well as a great friend who owns a sailboat docked in Lake Union. Tourist info: Lake Union is where the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat is located also. We were able to spend all day Saturday sailing the lake, tipping back some brews and even learned a few things about the sport. That evening we headed back to the houseboat and continued to eat, drink and be merry until we all jumped off the roof and into the lake. As Labor day loomed, it seemed the perfect way to release Summer to Fall.
I'm so glad Lauren was finally able to visit and fullfill her high school dreams. It was great to get to know someone who I know Tyson considers a great friend also. Now I can't wait to visit Aspen, AND Lauren this year, for another snowboarding trip! President's weekend, here we come

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