Saturday, September 27, 2008

Papa turns 60

He may have been irritated about having to wear the "Hello my name is Stud...and I'm 60" shirt, but he sure did have a great time.

I was in MN last weekend for my dad's 60th's birthday party. His actual birthday, however, was September 14. "You know, this is the year of the trifecta" he explained one day over the phone -my dad turning 60, me turning 30 and his grandson (my nephew) also turning 3, all within weeks of each other. Very important.

After the party when all of the food was cleaned up and the tallies counted, turns out there were nearly 70 people who turned out for the big day. Not surprising. My dad is the first person to help out or give someone a hand when they need it. I don't think anyone wanted to miss a chance at wishing him well on such an important day.

In classic Franzen form there was a bonfire, beer and way too much food. But no one complains.

Usually, great toys for the kiddies. This includes giant tractor-like toys.

I had a great time and actually felt like I was able to have some real conversations with family and friends. People brought pictures and told stories of my dad over the years. I only hope my dad was able to stand back and feel a sense of happy accomplishment for a life well-done. Cheers papa. Love you.

My Mom and Dad and my dad's sibs + significant others.

A blog shout-out to Ann, Bryan and Tim for making it out to the farm also. Smooch.

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