Wednesday, August 8, 2007

more .lbs

Each month I happily receive a copy of Dwell magazine. Mostly I obsess about the articles, the floorplans and the design ideas. But, I find that as I flip through the pages, my mind takes over and unconciously starts to wander into the future. I literally project myself into rooms with poured concrete floors and counter tops, flat, green roofs, open floorplans, herb and veggie gardens and even a womb chair in the corner. And its not just about the space, though the space is sort of the anchor. This wonderful box I want also contains the life I hope to have. Typically, I see myself in one of those clean, modern, sustainable spaces with a husband who is nothing less than my best friend and we have at least one child for which each day is like a little experiment: Will he/she be a feminist? An athlete? An environmentalist? A thinker? All of the above. Its exciting! ..Wham! back to reality.

Wow, that sounded so abrupt and sligtly dark. It wasn't meant to be.

It becomes difficult sometimes to relax in where I'm at in life. Though I am perfectly happy with my friends, my family, my job, and everything I'm so fortunate to have, I feel sometimes that I'm living temporarily. I'm waiting for that Dwell space!...and the other parts of life that come along with it! I know life isn't that simple and certainly having the space doesn't create the perfect life, but a gal can dream right? And dream I do.

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bess said...

Oh, A. I wonder if anyone ever feels so settled. And in the moments when we do - how often do we wish for the excitement of change?