Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the middle

Last week I gathered for an evening with the girls from the U12 volleyball team I coached and their moms. I loved it! I loved seeing the girls after a hiatus from the regularly scheduled practices and tournaments. They've all grown so much even in just a few short summer months. The moms were wonderful too. All smart and successful, their job descriptions ranged from: lawyer (partner in her firm), family practice doctor, stay-at-home-mom of three, and dentist. Strong women and strong examples for their daughters.

In the middle, I swung back and forth between loving the energy of the girls and the interesting conversations of the moms. The girls love to talk about school, sports, their summers, boys, what's on their ipod, friends and their 100% exciting lives. The moms talked about their jobs, parenthood, their family vacations, the kids they just shipped off to college, their daughters and what is to come in the next 10 years. I learn things from both and each of those relationships have value.

I find that's true not just with the moms and my U12 girls. In looking at the friends I've made over the course of my life they are vastly different. Sporty. Not sporty. Girly. Creative. Conservative. Intellectual. Some watch The Hills, some don't have TVs. Some drink and some don't. Old. Young. -my mom is coming to visit next week and we're getting together with my girlfriend who just turned 50. My mom is 55! I love meeting new people. I love getting to know people. I learn things and see new perspectives. It makes life interesting. Much like the creation the girls made when they mixed their taco salad with their sodas and threw in some hummus on top. I'm sure the waitress loved cleaning it up too.

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bess said...

Two things.
1) I am pretty sure I had the heart earings your player is wearing in the top photo when I was in elementary school.
2) I can't believe you have friends that watch The Hills. They must be totally, like, unintelligent. ;)