Sunday, August 26, 2007

Recent viewings.

In the last two weeks I've seen two live shows that couldn't have been more opposite. Hiphop + Bluegrass = awesome. Talib Kweli at the Showbox with some co-workers and Uncle Earl with Bess, Josh, Wendy, Angie and Chris. Opening for Talib Kweli was a local Seattle hiphop duo called Common Market. They were so spectacular. So much energy. They invited the audience to get on stage and give some breakdancing a shot. It was great...check it:

Uncle Earl I was not expecting to like. Five women. Bluegrass. I think I just hated the Indigo Girls so much in college that I was afraid of a flashback. But I loved them. And it SO made me wish A] I was in a band. B] I played my instrument C] I was in their band. Wendy and I briefly discussed forming a "combo" = me on trumpet, her on piano, Dave M. on tenor saxx ..and we'll see what else we can come up with.

This actually brings up, I think, a good point about individual interests in general. I remember a time where I felt lacking in interests. I felt boggled by people with overflowing pots of interest. Then I had a great conversation with a very smart lady. How can you be interested in something if you've never been exposed to it? You don't wake up one day and decide to like writing, dodgeball, climbing or bluegrass. Its only after you've been exposed or tried something can you really decide if its something you want to add to your portfolio of interests. How's THAT for incentive to try something or meet someone new. You may discover something about yourself you didn't even know was there.

I think I could start to like bluegrass...

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