Friday, May 11, 2012

Motorcycle Dreams.

So we booked some tickets. Years ago we saw the movie Motorcycle Diaries, and ever since Tyson has always thought the concept of a motorcycle trip was cool. I guess our friends Doreen and Brandon did too, hence our scheming over the last few months for a group ride in Vietnam this fall. Unfortunately, after some things have come up, D and B aren't able to make the trip but we will think of them as the wind, and maybe a bug, hits our faces in November.
An entire trip by motorcycle would be a significant challenge and therefore the plan is to designate it to only a segment of the trip = we will fly into Hanoi and zoom north to the village of Sapa and back. From there we'll drop off the moto, and though our itinerary is very loose it will likely include Halong Bay, Saigon, a trip across the Mekong into Cambodia and a stop by the wonder that is Angkor Wat, before flying out of Cambodia and back to Seattle. 

Eeek! I love having a trip looming out in the distance!
Zoom, zoom, zoom. 

Here's a oldie but goodie of Doreen and Brandon from another great trip we went on <<<< we have fun with those two. Which reminds me, I never posted on their amazing Cape Cod wedding last summer as I think I was stressing out about my own wedding. I think I need to resurrect those photos and stories as it was the best wedding ever. Hm, I'm random at the moment.

Have a great weekend!

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