Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Deux.

So, we all know about the best night ever that took place earlier in the summer in MN for my bachelorette party. Well, lucky (and greedy) little me got the pleasure of celebrating bachelorette party x2 with my Seattle gals on Friday, and I must say, yet another BEST NIGHT EVER!

Totally awesome Claudia hosted a little person (saucy) shower at her new house complete with delicious appetizers and champagne. So great! Then a shuttle picked us up around 9:30pm and we headed to Capitol Hill to scope out Havana Social Club where they play music of old Cuban artists to vintage Memphis soul to modern day turntablists. A few nuggets from their site will help you picture the scene:
"Envision the bustling lobby of an old hotel in an aging city. As time passes and luster fades, an atmosphere of timeless yet wornelegance emerges. Vibrant color complements dark mahogany and lush vegetation. The place takes on the air of an old social club, with a modern twist. Vintage light fixtures hang from a pressed tin ceiling, painted gold by hand. At Havana, your leisure is our pleasure: It is our mission to set these events in motion."

Oh and were the events ever so in motion. Evidenced by the progression of captured images of the night below, I'd say I had a great time. Again we danced and danced and danced. Why is it that in normal life I never EVER go dancing? And yet it is one of the most fun things ever.

Thanks to all of my Seattle gals for making the night one of my greatest!

PS, I promise to actually start blogging again once this wedding happens. I must say, it takes all of my energy and random-though spare time. But that's ok, its so fun and I'm so excited for our big day! Big hug to you all!

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