Thursday, March 4, 2010

My parents rule.

I just want to say, My parents rule.

I got off the phone with them the other day and just giggled to myself at how funny and fun it was talking to them. When I talk to them on skype, its all speaker phone-ish and at one point during our chat my mom and I were howling with laughter and Tyson just couldn't contain himself he was laughing and saying, "You two..." With my mother, we cackle like two little birds chirping our heads off. The conversation is endless and goes on for hours on end about nothing and everything all at once. She's adorable and I so love her to death. Then my papa gets on the line, who's just the person to talk to about nearly everything in life: cars, houses, loans, jobs, decisions, trips, advice, people, hikes, national parks bla bla bla. He's darling and I've appreciated his gracious help with my Minneapolis condo fiascos over this year. That's my papa = always there to help no matter what.

Most people who know me, know that like most children, I haven't always been super close with my parents. Side note, this use of "super" has been noted to me by several Kiwis as "totally American" by the way. Super fun, Super delicious, Super cool...yeah. I guess I'm American. Anyway, its not that we weren't close for any particular reason, I think its simply been an evolution of our relationship and an acceptance, from both sides, for who we really are as people. So often parents have to be, well, parents...and I think the fog of how they wanted or had hoped things would turn out can get in the way. My parents have always supported me and have been there for me no matter what, but something about the support has shifted and changed in the last year. I don't really know if this is true or not - I haven't asked them - but it feels as though its less about supporting me because they are my parents and more about supporting me because they actually do support my choices, what I'm doing, who I'm dating and who I am! This should be a drinking game. Drink every time you read the word 'support'.

I also think my parents are thick in a stage of adorableness. They're heading off on adventures to Sweden and Norway and never ending cabin weekends with friends. They're looking forward to summer and zipping up north in their camper "Matilda", en route to score a primo spot nestled right up next to Lake Superior.

I guess I just miss them being so far away here in New Zealand. And my mom was so sweet, telling me she really thinks the decision to come here was so good for me. Its not often you hear parents proud to have their daughter quit everything and move across the world. I feel so lucky they're my parents. SUPER lucky. Looking forward to summer and some quality time with those two.

On another note, Tyson and I have rented a car and are road-tripping to Milford Sound this weekend and I'm giddy. We're leaving Queenstown early on Saturday and plan to hike in Fiordland National Park, camp that evening, and then Sunday we're taking a boat cruise on the Sound OR kayaking. I've stolen someone else's photos of what I hope ours will look like considering the weather is supposed to be great. My sweetie and I are on the road again.

And a map:

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tim said...

Why does everyone say New Zealand is so beautiful? I just don't get it.