Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feeling the pull.

As I sit here, lap top appropriately on the lap while Tyson sits next to me with a matching Mac resting on his thighs. We listen to "Horchata" and discuss our plans for traveling over the next month before returning to Seattle. Its an interesting feeling that swirls through my insides = Sadness that this experience here specifically in Queenstown is coming to a fast. Thrill as we plan and book our travels to come. Travel is exhilarating for me and I brim over with delight just thinking about rolling into new towns and meeting other travelers. And lastly, Eager. Seattle in spring is fantastic and daily I happen upon familiar feelings or memories of places I cannot wait to see again. The markets. My favorite coffee shops. BRUNCH. The condo with my very own bed and the cutest little deck for sipping wine in the sun. I'm even feeling myself being pulled back into the world I inhabited before jumping ship to New Zealand - specifically, lately I've started reading blogs I used to check daily in Seattle and websites about home design and cooking. I literally can feeeeeeel the puuuuull. And that's cool. I've had an amazing experience here, and Seattle is too an amazing place. Its not all bad to be saying Goodbye, but also saying Hello, again.

So without further adieu, I reveal a smidge of the exit strategy we've managed to cobble together in the wee moments we've spent together over the past couple weeks. Its loose! But its gonna be good:

We leave a week from today to set out on the Routeburn Track near Milford Sound. We'll be backpacking for four days and three nights. Some camping, and also one night in a hut near a lake. I am beside myself excited.

Then we'll spend our last two nights in Queenstown before hopping into our rental that will take us north along the west coast of the south island, across on the ferry from Picton to Wellington and finally through Taupo and Rotorua to Auckland. From Auckland we'll fly to Sydney, catch another flight up to Cairns and stay there a few days while we check out the Great Barrier Reef. Today, in fact, we booked a two-day, one night liveaboard experience where we'll have unlimited snorkeling and also the chance to do an introductory scuba dive on the reef. Wicked. Truly.

Then its off on another road trip in our rental from Cairns to Byron Bay and Brisbane hoping to spend as much time as possible soaking up sun and sand on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Usually, beach vacations though lovely, aren't at the top of my list. But I think this will be well worth it and I'm ecstatic. Girl needs a tan! Finally, we'll fly from Brisbane down to Sydney, stay a few days and then ship out. Destination: The northern hemisphere and more importantly, Seattle, WA. I'm even excited for the long flight and time to just read my book and watch movies.

I'm feeling the pull, and also trying to enjoy the ride. Its really an odd line to walk but as I said to Tyson today, I feel so lucky. I know I'll try and capture these thoughts and reflections more as the days wind down, but this is just the beginning of the end...of a new beginning. Back to Seattle, and a whole new perspective, a new project and HOPEFULLY, a new job. Cross your fingers on the latter as my bank account is currently pissed at me. It needs a deposit badly.


willa said...

Willa will be happy to see you. Drop her a postcard if you can.
1430 29th Ave 98122
Happy trails!

willa said...

That comment looks funny. It was from Jennifer, not Willa!