Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm pretty sure I've given my parents endless shit over the years about projects. More specifically, House projects. Why do they take so long? Why do they start something and not finish it? Why does the house always have to be in turmoil? On and on, bla bla bla. Kids can be so short-sited! Insert me smiling.

I smile, because I've now bought two homes in my adult life - one of which was a TOTAL REDO and months of work and mess and crazy, and a second that was purchased brand new so in theory, there should be NOTHING to project. Wrong. And I'm pretty all this after I told my parents countless times I was "never going to buy a house that needed work after what I've been through as a child." What a bitch.

So far in my "new" place, my dad has helped me revamp a storage closet so it flawlessly stores my boxes and coats all organized-like. My dad also helped me put in a new door to my deck. These must be riveting visits from MN for him by the way. Let's see, I've painted. Tyson and I have installed shelving. And just last week after oh, a year of planning and buying supplies, Nate, Janna and I put in a backsplash. Parents, feel free to give me shit considering I purchased the tile last spring.

I have to say though, it looks incredible and makes a huge difference.

There's always a project. I have finally at 30, (I need to eek out saying 30 as many times as possible since it goes up a digit in exactly a month) learned that projects are pretty fun, they take a lot of time and more work than you had thought or planned, and you don't always finish them when you want. Cheers, parents!

Tile going up last Thursday:

Grouting last Saturday:

A final snapshot coming soon!


Wendy said...

Love the backsplash! Looks great!

Jamieofalltrades said...

I am very impressed! I've been dying to revamp my closets and you are inspiring me.

hales02 said...

Love it! Can't wait to see it in person! :)