Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cooper Lake.

Wow, somehow blogging fell off the ole radar the last week or so. I think the fact that my life at work has significantly picked up the last couple of weeks, its been tough for me to spend time on a computer after I cross the threshold of the door to my home.

In an effort to stretch Summer as far into Fall as possible, we headed out of town with Janna and Nate to the east side of the Cascades, and Cooper Lake. I mean, Fall is definitely in the air. The skies are a dark blue. Things are beginning to look golden and crispy. I love it. But the temperatures have been incredible lately, and Cooper lake was no different. We dipped our feet in the lake, soaking up an 80+ degree day and felt like happy campers.

And with snowy mountaintops and a stunning lake as our back-drop, we played several INTENSE games of Bocce ball. That game is crazy when you add things like hills, dung, rocks and holes...and drinking rules to boot. It was a perfect way to toast to great Summer and welcome Fall.


janna said...

Such a fun weekend! :)

Hui Mui said...


Cooper Lake looks extremely beautiful. :)

Hui Mui said...
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