Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snoqualmie Pass

Dreams came true when my physical therapist told me I was clear to go snowshoeing on Saturday. The original plan was to go to Mt. Rainier, but bad weather and less than great conditions made Snoqualmie Pass a better option.

We met up Tyson's sister, Tracy, her hubby, and some friends from their church, and off we went. Its only about a forty-five minute drive to the pass and slowly we watched the rain turn to snow until we arrived at our destination to find heaps and heaps of white powder. It always amazes me that in Seattle there is rarely any snow and you're more likely to find green grass and flowers. But if you drive just a little ways outside of the city you can find yourself in several feet of snow.

At one point we landed ourselves at the top of a long, steep hill. Tyson decided to entertain us by falling backwards down the hill landing stuck in the shape of his own form. Then I did it. Then Tracy. Only Tracy just kept going and slid backwards down the entire hill landing on her head. Then Scott. Then Eric. And then Tyson, again.

It felt incredible to be out of the city and actually using my muscles in an active way that isn't the stationary bike at the gym. After months of sitting around in my condo I just wanted to run!

Some of us had a tiny obsession with trying to blast people with snow. Whether it was throwing snowballs or yanking branches heavy with inches of snow so the unlucky person underneath was dumped on - we just couldn't help ourselves from constant battle.

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