Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Saturday a much-needed gals' night was in order. As much as Tyson was extremely helpful during the various outfit changes before heading out the door, he is a man. And a manly, awesome man at that. So when the endless chatter of ladies hums the night away, I feel a little piece of me come back into order. We talked Luis Vuitton and the economy. We talked about Men. Of course. I shared my not-going-to-happen-for-years-but-its-fun-to-think-about tiny dream of buying a cabin near Mt. Baker. Its true, real estate in that area is such a fantastic deal right now. And so close to the National Forest and the mountain. I can't stop looking online and talking about it. How fun would it be to collect a group of friends this very weekend and head up to a cabin?! MY cabin!

I digress.
We were less than excited about our dinner, and when the plates were cleared we decided to hit the bar for one last glass together. Fortunately for me, the gals knew the bartender. He was a wonderful hubby and father who not only passed around a photo of his newborn, but fed us glass after glass of dessert wines asking for our legitimate feedback.

Who knew that adding something called St. Germaine to something sparkly and sweet of which I don't know the name makes it nearly irresistible! Fantastic. I loved sipping things I don't usually sip and offering my opinion about them. A girly end to a girly evening.

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