Friday, January 23, 2009

pearls and granola.

I went to another flawlessly executed party at Caitlin's a few nights ago. The food is always inspiring and incredible and the space is totally chic. Invariably, I meet interesting and intelligent women and I leave with a new tidbit of information to take home or take on.
I attended a party at Caitlin's for the first time about a month ago and walked in wearing, in the words of a classic woman wishing she had something new or amazing for the occasion, the ugliest outfit. Meanwhile, there was a plethora of women not only looking amazing but who were either photographers or chefs or otherwise interesting things and I was nervous! Eventually I relaxed. I got over the outfit insecurity and had a ton of fun. Its funny the way you can MAKE YOURSELF feel. And totally unnecessary.

But in keeping with this fashionable rant, three point five years after moving here to the Pacific Northwest, I've been thrown a little into identity crisis. I'm an extremely active person. I love to sweat and I love to push myself physically. I enjoy spending time outside hiking and camping, sleeping in a tent and sitting around a campfire with a marshmallow at the end of my stick. And I love the mountains. But hell, I enjoy feeling feminine, fetching, even pretty sometimes: curling my hair, wearing heels and ya know, the right necklace and shit. Living in Seattle has definitely surfaced my inner granola. And for a bit too long I may say. I used to be so girlie and though I'm happy to let some of that go, its been fun to get dressed up for aforementioned events such as Caitlin's. They remind me that I am in fact, a lady underneath my fleece and scarves.

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