Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mt. Baker.

Well, the annual ski/snowboarding trip was great, but not without a few hiccups. Note to self, PRINT THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL. With only a few miles to go and no cell service to contact the other vehicles containing friends ready to unload into a cabin and put back a few beers, I could not get into the little box containing our cabin keys. After hours. No one to call. No cell service to call with. A code. A code. Where was the code!? Tears. Calming words from boyfriend, Tyson to which I quickly barked at. Sorry, hon. Eventually, after driving around in the middle of nowhere, Claudia's laptop picked up a faint, one bar wireless signal and a backtracking trip to Bellingham oh, 25 minutes away, was narrowly avoided.

That night we stayed up uncharacteristically late. Usually Friday is tame and the big party is reserved for apres ski and Saturday night celebration. But at 3:30am when we were still playing Jenga I knew it was going to be a rough morning. The early risers left a note for the second group. Meet us at 1pm. We'll wait fifteen minutes. After a great morning of riding, we waiting until 1:15 and made the executive decision that the second group hadn't gotten up for skiing and decided to relax instead. Whoops, they made it to the meeting spot at 1:20. We didn't ski with them. Bummer! But still a great day and great snow. That night we were exhausted. We fought through yawns and played game after game but the usually late Saturday night retired around midnight.

Some of us boarded on Sunday and some headed back to the city. I always marvel at the cabin and the spillage of people, bags, boards, food that happens upon arrival and then only a few days later when the last person walks out with the keys its returned to exactly how it was. Nothing left.

Games. Jenga. Apples to Apples.

Donettes. Wax donuts. Waxies. A staple on any camping trip. Or really any trip.

Claude and I:

And of course, snowboarding:

This last one was taken inside the tiny mountain cafe among the brownies, Special K bars.

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