Tuesday, November 18, 2008

America F#@* Yeah! Free Speech and Tailgates.

[Note: The title is actually from a song, Mom and Dad]

Saturday I grabbed coffee and walked over to Volunteer Park to participate in the Anti-Prop 8 rally + march. I met up with Aylin and Steve and as we looked around at the various people gathering, making signs, and nodding their heads to some pretty bad techno, we started chatting a little bit about civil rights and history. I think its really hard for people to realize when they're being judgmental sometimes - myself included. We marveled at a time when people actually had to distinguish which drinking fountain to sip from and which bus to ride based on the color of their skin. And even then people felt like they weren't really discriminating because afterall, "they can still get a drink of water and they can still ride the bus."

That afternoon, Tyson and I biked over to the University of Washington with camouflage High Life six packs in tow. We were meeting up with Rob and Claudia who are truly seasoned tailgaters. I realized when I cruised into the parking lot that I had never really been to a tailgate. Cars packed in like sardines. Fire pits with roaring flames. Burgers flipping and beers flowing. A truly great tradition of fun and anticipation for the game. Rob received a couple of fantastic beer coozies in the form of giant fists for his birthday. Oh America. Only, only in America.

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