Sunday, April 27, 2008

a nice little Saturday (and Sunday)

For the last four weekends in a row I've either been out of town (three of'em) or hunkered down with my textbook. Though I had (and still have) homework to do, I didn't really have any set plans for this weekend. And therefore, I was able to freely enjoy all things Andrea. With no alarm, I woke Saturday and cleaned my whole condo before heading out for a six mile run around Greenlake in the SUNSHINE. Glorious. A quick stop to finally buy my herbs and then off to Lisa's soccer game. Ending Saturday in Ballard with friends and some PBRs.

Sunday and again no alarm. A ten o'clock tennis game turning into a grueling two and a half hour ass-kicking by Rob and Claude. 3 matches to zero. Then off to Cafe Ladro for a few hours of reading, grocery shopping, lifting at the gym and here I am. With a fridge full of yummy groceries and thirty more pages to ready tonight before I pop in a movie. In summation: seriously love weekends like this.

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suzie said...

wow. this post makes me seriously depressed that it is now monday and rainy here... glad you had such a great weekend!