Friday, April 18, 2008

girls weekend: numero dos.

We graduated from the College of St. Benedict in 2001. Even though I know we are all different women from different backgrounds, then, we were all surprisingly similar. Finishing up our undergraduate degrees. Having spent most of our time in the same two bars. Friends with all the same people. Lived together in the same places. Attended the same parties. Had felt a lot of the same feelings. And were headed out into the same world to carve out our futures.

The further we get from 2001 the more we grow and change into different people. Unique people. Ourselves. Our own paths.

And though our friendships are very different than they were in the walls of Corona M, the Endzone or the Villas, there is a sincere appreciation, respect and dedication there.

Due to stubborn MN weather, our Second Annual CSB Girls' weekend got off to a rocky start. After a "group meeting" we determined making the drive to Haley's parents' cabin wasn't going to happen. And it wasn't long before a trip was made to the liquor store, the snacks were out, the chatter was in full swing and games began. Aside from a Saturday afternoon movie in Uptown, we didn't really leave Kridi's house in Plymouth. We talked about marriages, babies, memories, jobs, celebs, future plans and how our kids could possibly afford the College of St. Benedict when its tuition has reached 37K just seven years after our own graduation. Just to be together in our sweatpants was rare and special.

I look forward to the 3rd annual and the 50th!


suzie said...

that is a seriously embarassing picture of the post though! miss you already!

hales02 said...

i love this post and it makes me miss you and the gals dearly. someday we'll be old and pruny having girls weekends in exotic locations with tons of wine...ahhhhh :)